If I get 1 Million fans I’ll (insert crap here) – What is this I don’t even

So to those who are active in this networking site, you might just want to be a fan of this page.

A page which has no signs of having sense in it.

Really. Now tell me, what does having 1 million fans got to do with this couple deciding to marry each other? Come on, no one would actually take this serious…right?

Am I insulting this idea? Strongly yes. Very much. Most likely, and will ever be. Seeing that this is also the same case as the brother who wants his sister name her son MEGATRON.

I’m a fan of it for the lulz.

Seriously, have pity on the child already. It’s not something to be proud of if he gets older. In case this is true.

“My mom lost a bet and thus she named me Megatron!” – says the unfortunate child. I’m hearing his sorrows already.

Facepalm. Facedesk.

Surely, these guys just needs attention and popularity. You got it alright. But with your level of idiocy increasing by the moment.

Again, people nowadays are getting more and more stupid. Get a life!


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