BL Manga Updates

This post will bring information about recent updates about BL manga translations. The translator group names will also be included.

No fixed update period.

I will filter or maybe clean them monthly. So that the updates won’t be hard to find, though I don’t include all updates. Do tell me if there are other BL Manga translators that are active aside from the ones below. Thank you!

[UPDATED AS OF MAY 26, 2010]

Blissful Sin

  • Itoshii Akuma – COMPLETED
  • Scarlet – COMPLETED
  • Kanpeki no Koibito – COMPLETED

Dangerous Pleasure

  • Okane ga Nai – Ch. 37
  • Body Talk Paradox – Ch.2
  • Neko no Koi – Ch. 3

Fantasy Shrine

4.3.2010 – Daikira na Aitsu – ch.2
4.3.2010 – Sono Te no Netsu wo Kasanete – ch.4
4.3.2010 – Yume Musubi, Koi Musubi – ch.11
4.3.2010 – Koi no Chime by Shimaji
  • Escape – Ch.3
  • Punch Up – Vol2 Ch.4
  • Gochisousama – Ch. 1-3

Nakama Scanlations

  • Irokoi Vol3
  • Hana wa Sakuka – Ch.3
  • Men of Tatoos – Ch.3

Liquid Passion

  • Love Cafe – Ch.5
  • Map of the Heart


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3 responses to “BL Manga Updates

  1. Woohoo! Thanks for posting this. Man, I love tag surfing yaoi.

  2. Ayase

    kyaa… Okane ga nai…

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