Haruhi Suzumiya & Toma Ikuta’s Full 30-Second Ad Posted

The official website of Lotte’s Acuo gum has revamped itself with both the 30-second and 15-second versions of the commercial starring the cast of the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise and the actor Toma Ikuta (note: He was the one who portrayed Yuuta in Honey and Clover Live Action). The 30-second version has a different ending from the previously streamed 15-second version. The website also has a brief page on the gum itself, and profiles of the Haruhi characters.

As reported last Tuesday, the “Boutique” commercial has Ikuta chewing Acuo gum when he spies an item that is sold out at a boutique. When he blows his “nice breath” onto the boutique clerk, she transforms into the character Mikuru Asahina. The boutique manager comes over to scold Ikuta for “turning people into anime characters.” Ikuta says “Sumimasen” (“I’m sorry”) with his fresh breath, and the manager turns into Haruhi herself. Confused, Ikuta runs out of the store and runs into three alley cats … who all transform into Yuki Nagato.

The 30-second version premiered on Monday on Japanese television and on the official website, although a television program aired the 15-second version last week.

Source: Daily Terrafor

Here is the video of the 30-second ad:

Nia: HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS CHRIST! IKUTA TOMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *fangirl mode* I’ve been a fan of Ikuta Toma ever since I watched Hana Kimi LA! (I think it was 2 to 3 years ago) Just LOL’d at this CM’s concept and with Haruhi!?Haha. Japanese people sure do know their stuff.


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