Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Episode 1

I almost forgot to watch KWMS! I’ve been marathoning Gintama for a while now. So…

First impression’s first, BORING. I’m really sorry for those who really liked it but it didn’t appeal to me. But the ED is EXCEPTIONAL. *rapes Usui*

I collected a few screenshots of KWMS! in raw. The translated version will be up soon(says the translators team).

Anyway, why did I find KWMS! boring? Well, there are no exact points, it’s just my mind telling me that the me doesn’t like how it was animated. (I didn’t like the hair tone of Usui, he looks..dull.)

AND WAIT. I THOUGHT NAKAMURA YUUICHI’S GONNA VOICE RYUUNOSUKE? WHY IS THE GUY DIFFERENT NOW? *stabs producers* *listens to Nakamura Yuuichi’s voice* *calms down, air in, air out* AAAAA. Nevermind, I’m just a fangirl ranting. Don’t mind me..*sulking in a corner* herpes me..health me..

KWMS!’s chibis are pure win of course. But that said, I really don’t find it funny unlike in the manga. But I’ll keep on watching to see improvements, I hope it’s the opposite of Kimi ni Todoke(KnT has a impressive intro but the latter episodes bored me to death).


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