Monoshitsuji Trailer Update!

Kuroshitsuji staff now updates their site with the PV of Monoshitsuji/Kuroshitsuji II.

Watch it here!


Wait, do I see triplets?! *faints* Will they give us more fanservice?lol.

OHMYGOD. Can you see*hugs Alois* He looks so emotional here *sorry, in the first video I posted I really can’t see all the emotions for I have poor eyesight* >_<

Or maybe, Alois has a psychological problem? Seeing that his attitude also made me think that way.

Also, I noticed that the mansion was similar to Ciel’s. Still in the Victorian era I see. Though the clothes of Alois was simpler than Ciel’s in this PV. Have you noticed this too: Alois is alone?

Ack!And also, look at the servants. They’re..well, not energetic(not the action-based kind of way). They look serious in any angle.

Your Majesty, I wanna meet you soon.


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