Monoshitsuji Anti fans, lame petition is lame.

This has got to be one of the most pathetic petitions I have ever seen.

With the most hilarious comments too. People, are you out of your minds?

Monoshitsuji/Kuroshitsuji Season Two has yet to be labeled awesome or lame. These anti fans haven’t even seen it yet, so how come these pathetic excuses for a fan concluded that the season 2 is lame? Is it because Ciel and Sebastian (and insert character name here) appearance is in blur?

You see, I’m also disappointed with the news. I want more of Ciel and Sebastian. I want to see the animated circus arc. I want to see the murder arc, more of Tanaka’s ho-ho-ho and many more. But, COME ON YOU GUYS! *knocking on your brains* You can’t change anything. YOU CAN’T PLEAD TOBOSO, GFANTASY, PRODUCERS TO CANCEL THIS AND MAKE A NEW SEASON TWO OUT OF CIEL AND SEBASTIAN WITH THIS USELESS SHITTY PETITION.

I’ll be seriously laughing my brains out if these guys come to like Monoshitsuji.


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