Monoshitsuji Scoop

“It was shown at the seiyuu event on the 31st of January. It began with the grounds of the new mansion and shots of the mansion itself, we saw a white gloved hand pouring tea (much like the beginning of season 1) only when we saw the young master rise from bed he was a blonde boy. His butler who resembles Sebastian and William referred to him as “your highness”. After that there was a few various shots of them in and around the mansion, one scene had the boy laying over the desk like he was either really worn out or depressed.” info source: spacecat

Thoughts: OH GODDAMMIT. Claude and Alois looks really wonderful! Look at Claude *insert dreamy face* I now have a new image of him now. He’s hotter than I thought! (Sebby, you’re still our number one!) and Alois~ he looks so..sadist-ish just by looking at his eyes and emotions! We can also see a new maid character named Hanna. I wonder what tricks she has in stored for us?

It will be a hell long 3 months till the airing of July(The second season title has yet to be finalized) guys. Stop obnoxiously worrying about the appearance of Ciel and Sebastian. It’s sad news for them not to be the main characters but we must also have another treat right?



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9 responses to “Monoshitsuji Scoop

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  3. d.mulish

    perhaps claude is sebastian in another form??? i mean, he was the only demon in that area so… idk yet.

  4. skoutxie

    when is the exact airing of monoshitsuji??

  5. skoutxie

    wew.. i am actually a crazy fan of kurushitsuji and a super supporter of ciel
    even though i am from the philipines iam looking for monoshitsuji in various animae sites but
    i always fail to see monoshitsuji :((
    can you sudgest an animae web where i can watch it ??

  6. skoutxie

    oh great ! thanks for some advice :))
    i love you !! :))

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