Kuroshitsuji : Seiyuu Event

So I was searching for Kuroshitsuji events when I came up on this one. I know it’s a bit late (well..better late than never)

It’s the Seiyuu event! (it only has parts 1,4,5,6 parts in youtube, others are found in Veoh)

Those who attended were the seiyuus of: Sebastian, Undertaker, William, Bard, Lau, Viscount Druitt, Agni, Soma, Aberline, Ash and Drocell.

Each videos are the translations which are also provided in youtube(but it’s long and you need to scroll it down) I uploaded it in filefront, so feel free to download it. You can also read them at datekouji20’s livejournal. (credits to her translation and to junjouromanticasan for the videos)

part 1 translation: here

part 4 translation: here (by the way, what ‘kappa‘ means is not a raincoat, it’s a sort of water creature in Japan)

part 5 translation: here

part 6 translation: here

Table Cloth Trick

PS. To watch the whole event, please visit bleachasylum for the link ^^;;


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