Starry☆Sky ~in Spring~

I just downloaded Starry☆Sky ~in Spring~ and is very thankful for the walkthroughs and voices(Seems like I get to pick up some Japanese lines because of drama CD’s LOL) Anyway, for those who don’t know what Starry☆Sky is. It’s an Otome game. It’s a sort of a visual novel that targets females. The game consists mostly reverse harems; your player and several bishounens. It’s up to you who your target is and how to reach that certain goal or ending.

I’ll target Kanata(the one in the middle) first since he’s too hot plus Tomokazu Sugita is behind his smexy voice. *fangirlism*

By the way, here is Starry☆Sky’s main site: click

I’ll post some screenshots for teasers tomorrow.



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17 responses to “Starry☆Sky ~in Spring~

  1. shicchan

    by the videos i love kanata too, he is a little stupid i think and my sister -she played it in japan- says he is lovable! but i can’t find a decent download to play, so can you tell me where you did download it?

  2. shicchan

    yes, i know, but… there aren’t the subtitles!
    damn it, i can’t play if i don’t understand!!

    • That’s the bad part about it. No english translations :( But you might as well try to let your sister do the translating for you. :)

      • shicchan

        my sister…? well, i have to wait 3 months T____T
        …ok, i’ll try with a dictionary :) it’s my only chance i think…

  3. mumu

    sorry can you tell me whether it is in kanji or hiragana? thanks^^

  4. electric

    May I ask where you got your walkthrough from? I’ve been looking and haven’t found one yet…

  5. riki furukawa

    hey where can i download it id like to play:D thanks

  6. Hi there! I was browsing on google and I happen to read your blog.
    Can you please message or link me to a walkthrough?
    If you also have the other versions of Starry Sky’s walkthrough, I’ll be so happy if you can link me as well.
    Please message me when you’re not busy.

    Thank you.

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