Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Anime Adaptation

According to the KWMS! official anime site, the following schedule air dates will be different for different broadcasting stations namely:

  • TBS: April 1st; 1:55 AM
  • MBS: April 10th; 2:58 AM
  • BS-TBS: April 24th; 1:00 AM

For the anime trailer here is the link: click

The seiyuus are the following:

  1. Fujimura, Ayumi as Ayuzawa Misaki
  2. Okamoto, Nobuhiko as Usui Takumi
  3. Nakamura, Yuuichi as Ryuunosuke Kurosaki (one of the idiot trio)
  4. Yoshino, Hiroyuki as Naoya Shirakawa (one of the idiot trio)
  5. Terashima, Takuma as Ikuto Sarashina (one of the idiot trio)
  6. Toyosaki, Aki as Satsuki Hyoudou (manager of the cafe)
  7. Hanazawa, Kana as Sakura Hanazono (friend of Misaki)

More cast information found here: click

For the KWMS! blog: click

More news from KWMS!? click here!

Thoughts: After seeing the trailer, I felt a slight disappointment. Usui didn’t appeal to me. His hair and emotions were too stiff. Oh well, it IS a trailer after all. I hope the animation would be on par with or better than Special A and Ouran High Host Club.


Also, when I saw the new seiyuu for Usui (FYI: Tomokazu Sugita was the one who voiced Usui in the drama CD) everything just shattered. I’m being unfair alright but Tomokazu is one of my favorite seiyuus with a sexy tone and I want him to be Usui. *sigh* Ignore this bull. Let’s just see what the new Usui can do.


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