Otona Keikenchi

So what can you find in an average yaoi manga? Fetishes? Girly uke? Masculine uke? Aggressive seme? Shy seme? The deed? Impotency? Bishounens? Love?

If you asked me what has made me to love yaoi more, I would straightly answer Otona Keikenchi. The one who has got me in its sway. The culprit for this obsession.

Frankly speaking, Otona Keikenchi is one of the freshest manga that I have read in this genre regardless of the cliche plot. Not because I have it in my faves but on the grounds that it’s peculiarly entertaining.

The story progress isn’t slow nor fast paced. It simply starts off with Yumeji who is secretly an impotent with only the two of his best friends knowing it. He meets Seiji, an underclassman of his who has an attitude. With this, he begins to discover that Seiji is the cure of his impotency.

The timing of events just fits for a volume. Unlike some yaoi I’ve seen, the explicit scenes weren’t exaggerated. Though it has certain effects added when it comes to those prospects. The cheesy parts weren’t overdone, actually it has none. Like confessing how they love each other and the like. Nevertheless, the relationship between Yumeji and Seiji shows a distinctive tie.

I am a reader who is a sucker for great art. While Otona Keikenchi has stereotypical characters, Nekota Yonezou made them more realistic and cute by means of her unique art. Yes, I just said cute. Who doesn’t find it cute anyway? It wasn’t too mature nor too childish. Balanced should I say? No exaggerated sparkles and blushes. The chibis did a good job as well. The cuteness will make you go gaga all the time.

The characters each had a chance to grab the spotlight, even the supporting characters. Both really fits in a comical way. The progress was quite visible in the main character’s part. Yumeji with his impotency cured and developing a body smell fetish and only attracted to Seiji’s scent. On the other hand, Seiji has little of progress. He later shows more affection towards Yumeji but still has a suprematic attitude. To clear things up for other readers, this ain’t a S&M manga.

Ahhh, the love for Otona Keikenchi made me write a short review of it. Since I’ve enjoyed the cuteness(since these types is my cup of tea) why not have try it for once?Leave your lust for the meantime yaoi fans.


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