Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

“You perverted space alien!”

So I heard you already found your top shoujo mangas in your list. Is KWMS! included?No? Oh, you’re just missing one hell of a great one!

Our typical shoujo mangas often comes in a bishounen x heroine + rival package. KWMS! is one of those packages that you’ll surely want to open immediately. May it be because of its art, plot or stupefying alien.

Yes folks, we do have an astounding alien in this manga, Usui Takumi. Well, we couldn’t just label him without us witnessing how he falls from a school rooftop and still survives, having top grades and has wide range of skills such as cooking the highest quality of a dish, playing the violin with an arm broken, knows table etiquette, play chess on a higher level. He also pops out of nowhere. Did I miss anything?Oh! He’s a total bishounen. What more could a shoujo fan ask for?

And of course, to complete the package, we must have a one of a kind heroine. No, not your sissy type of girl but the total opposite. The student council president of the former all-boy’s school Seika high, Ayuzawa Misaki. She manages to struggle to protect her female classmates against the boys of the school due to her hatred among men. She also helps her mother to pay off the debts of what her father has left by secretly working in a maid cafe. Unfortunately, Usui unexpectedly discovers her secret, but decides to keep it and later on is seen with Misaki all the time. Observing her during her working time and at the same time, protects her in those moments where she needs someone to depend on, even though Misaki shows her dislike on Usui’s acts, Usui’s past piques her curiosity and thus unconsciously wanting to know him more.

KWMS!’s art is what you call growing. The latter chapters has shown more development in profile and design from the earlier chapters. Particularly in lining and in depth of the cast. The chibis were really comical especially Usui’s cracks and Misaki’s expressions. As for the backgrounds, they used a more simplistic theme that is inferior from the characters. In other terms, it is a little above average but it’s not something engrossing.

I have to say, the characters were one of the best elements that has been taken note of in KWMS! The leading characters were greatly supported by the other characters. It makes the manga intact with a friendly feel for the readers. Of course, there were some exaggerations in particular of Misaki’s over protectiveness of her female friends. On the other hand, the so-called rivals gives more tension and enthusiasm. While the others causes the dramatic and humorous feel of the story. In this way, making it more balanced.

I would like to specify more on Usui’s caliber. As we all know, he often says he likes Misaki. Though he always says that he doesn’t want to be involved in such a complicated situation, leaving the statement and the readers in confusion. His mysterious character has yet to unfold in the chapters to come and is something worth to be waiting for. As a fan of this manga, the indefinite flow makes me think what may happen next and thus, conclusions.

What is it with the outlandish relationship between Usui and Misaki? No one but the author knows. There were times that they act like a couple, the next second, rivals. As much as the readers prefer the relationship on the next level, the story neglects sufficient clues of the further chapters. This may be one of the best selling factors that the author may want to implement in her work. But to make the thrill successful, she must build a good blueprint for the manga itself. To think that KWMS! has been running for 11 volumes, still publishing and will be having an anime adaptation, Fujiwara Hiro truly is a notable mangaka and I am looking forward for more works from her.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! is nothing like of those rummage of mangas. It’s indeed very similar in terms of romance, friendships and bishies but it has something more than what catches your interest. Another title that makes the shoujo genre worth reading.


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