MOTW : Akuma to Love Song

Looking for a heroine with a beautiful profile but weird personality? Akuma to Love Song is just what you’re looking for!


Touzuka High School is a public school with a pretty low grade point average. One day, a girl who has been expelled from the state’s top class St.Katria Girls School transfers in. Her name is Kawai Maria. The reason of her expulsion was “violence against the teacher.” Because of her non-adorned, straight comments, Maria starts to become isolated from her class….What is hidden in her past and what will happen to her? (by: Serenus Dreamers)

Nia’s rating: 8.5/10

Nia’s comment: I really like Maria’s personality and ‘turns’. It has its own way of delivering humor and romance. The artstyle is very detailed and shows a lot of physique. What are you waiting for? Read it now!


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