Kimi ni Todoke

KNT I can name a lot of romance mangas and animes out there with slow relationship developments. Focusing one character and another, seeing perspective after perspective and the like. Many of these have same plots, same character traits or maybe even same artstyle.

Oh dear, it seems like Kimi ni Todoke is taking the spotlight.

The story tells about a girl named Kuronuma Sawako who unfortunately is misunderstood by her classmates. Calling her ‘Sadako’ and mostly thinks that she knows some black magic or something because of her ghostly like appearance which of course is just false judgment in her part. Then comes the hero, or should I say idol of the series, Kazehaya Shouta who has a fresh and friendly attitude towards everybody, even to Sawako. Who later helps her to improve herself and stands as the one who clears up most of the misunderstandings about Sawako.

Basically, the story has been used too many times already. But let me tell you, it’s far more than you can imagine. Well, for romance that is.

Kimi ni Todoke depicts not only romantic relationships but it also is one of those which portrays friendship, confidence and trust. It works in a more objective way which makes an arc longer. It seizes the attention of the readers because of its delivery, in a cute kind of way.

When we talk about Kimi ni Todoke’s anime adaptation, it really brings the gentleness of the characters from the manga itself. The colors were calm and balanced. The character designs weren’t really something that can stand out but it has the essence of innocence in it, well we are talking about highschool students after all.

One of the most outstanding elements of the show, its impressive and well made characters. Kuronuma Sawako’s personality ain’t something that is unique. Her shyness and innocence towards things makes her style interesting. She may look eerie at times but this is just because she feels that everyone depends on her. Thus she tries to make it possible one way or another. Which seems really idiotic. Kazehaya’s personality is the same as of our most common male protagonist. Again with the knight in shining armor feel but as the series goes by, we learn that he just isn’t a regular cavalier. He actually has the most childish attitude in the circle.

Kimi ni Todoke will never be the same without its supporting characters. Without them, the anime will be near to dunghills. The significance of their presence gradually increases every chapter. It appears that the bond between the main and supporting characters are most likely not to be subjected to fade. As a whole, they make up most of the main story itself and with this, it makes Kimi ni Todoke more worth seeing.

Romantic stories won’t be interesting without humor. Who doesn’t find the chibi’s witty and adorable? One of the most noticeable forms were Ayane’s beak like lips. Which really cracks me up everytime I see them. There’s just one thing, in a particular episode(which I don’t seem to remember)the production used more chibis than the usual. It made it look like some sort of a what-does-this-episode-mean in my case.

Kimi ni Todoke’s romanticism brings me the feel of fluffiness. I liked how they got Sawako and Kazehaya together that makes the show ravishing. There’s just something between them that makes you cheer for them. Something called spark, which I can’t fathom in some stories. It just isn’t a girl falling inlove with the school’s popular guy setting. It sways differently from that.

If Kimi ni Todoke has got something to boast about, it definitely is the music and soundtracks. It fills up what is lacking in the series with the amiable sense it gives as well as the focus in the scenic scenes.

This anime has a lot of faults. One is, they worked too much in the sparkles and glittering. Sparkles are fine, it adds the mood, cute points, but something excessive isn’t always necessary if I may say so myself. Another is the diminishing quality of animation during the series. They’re too much relying on the comical parts and chibis which maybe gives most of the viewers a light feel, but in my case no. It’s becoming irritating than the usual. After 16 episodes, the anime has caused me to see it as bland. The slow development is nice and all, but the characters are, well, just 2d characters. They never showed the groundbreaking feel out of me, both in manga and anime.

On a further note, Kimi ni Todoke has used one of the most effective delivery that just makes you want the characters to take the some advancement already to the point that it is annoying. The narration of Sawako’s feelings and thoughts seems really child-like. What she percepts in a particular situation is what makes the story give the shoujo feel, with nothing unique in it.

Kimi ni Todoke explores all avenues just to give what a fan of its genre looks for. It is undeniably refreshing and sweet. It doesn’t have any real emotional depth in it, but I would certainly tell you that this is one of the most promising titles of its league.


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