Durarara!! Episode 7

I got to watch episode 7 and is still laughing at the moment. Haha, Shizuo really is a badass guy.

Ep 7 talks about Shizuo’s childhood and the history of why he is sort of a warfreak(throwing posts, trash bins, dogs, stop signs and many more). He really loves his brother, but not in the affectionate kind of way(He doesn’t want people getting his bartender uniform dirty, which his brother gave him. His younger brother is actually an actor by the way.)

Then, it also talks about how he met Izaya and why he doesn’t like Izaya(though there was no specific reason, he just didn’t like him)

Before the episode ends, Shizuo(at this time, Izaya was no longer seen by Shizuo in the district for a long period of time) is enjoying his peaceful(?) life without Izaya..

Shizuo taking a deep breath

Shizuo suddenly sees Izaya

Saying the air stank just because Izaya was there LOLOLOL


Poor Shizuo, just when he thought he had a peace of his mind. Haha. Durarara!!’s really getting better and better! I’m liking Shizuo more now.


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