K1Once one has rejected faith, it will become impossible for him to enter the gates of Heaven

Bringing you in the Victorian era of London and opening the wide gates of the Phantomhive mansion, Kuroshitsuji welcomes you with the scent of tea and sweets with a mix of bitterness and sacchariferous taste.

The story digs down to the English underworld where we find rats and dirty water everywhere. Rotting from its core, London holds people with only two types. Those who are saved and those who aren’t. They either serve the queen or impede her acts.

Kuroshitsuji follows the story of a queen’s underground dog. He who cleans up the dirty work of those who oppose the queen’s judgment and follows her every command with no fail. He is the heir of the Phantomhives and is known by the name of Ciel Phantomhive.

The Phantomhive manor has been known for its Phantom company’s fast growing success in toy and confectionary industry. Indeed it has a tragic history of being burnt down into ashes which is the cause of death of Ciel’s parents. Leaving Ciel alone with only Tanaka, one of the butlers, with him. With only hate in his heart, Ciel opens the gates of hell and decides to make a contract with a demon in order to seek revenge to those who left him wounded and hurt. He assigns the demon as his butler and names him Sebastian Michaelis. An immortal demon who has a written pentacle at the back of his palm in pair of the pentacle in Ciel’s right eye as the proof of the contract. It is also later learned that the contract helps Sebastian find Ciel no matter where he is. The cursed eye is eventually covered with an eyepatch to avoid it being seen by people.

Ah, the art. From its manga to its anime adaptation, Kuroshitsuji has truly one of the most flawless and splendid styles. Unlike other animations that tends to decrease in quality, Kuroshitsuji is the exact opposite. The techniques further shows development in quality. The unique character designs appears to be stoic in every way. The crisp profiles makes them more and more mysterious. It implements the classical taste with a modernized pinch internally. The nook and shadowy backgrounds put on quite a show. It delivers a dark and emotional impact to its supernatural imagery.

When it comes to its music, Kuroshitsuji successfully claims its finest which dessiminates its own purpose of giving its viewers both dramaticism and history. It makes the scenes moves you in its own way. It also fails to dissonate the noble and English feel of the characters.

The character developments such as Ciel’s profile is round. The rest of them were flat and is stagnat all throughout. The most remarkable character in terms of progress and depth is Ciel. His cognitiveness at a young age is superb. I have seen many characters in his league but they were nowhere near on a par with him. He gives off an adult and mature mindset but is also childlike in his way of being stubborn and selfish. Sebastian takes the abstruse character in this series. He plays his role as a butler perfectly for he knows no failure as a result of any orders which Ciel gives and is absolutely admirable. He begins as a mysterious character and ends with no difference and is perplexing. The story seems to be interesting from his point of view.

The supporting characters has done a great job in any sense. It makes the story lighter than its usual and makes it enjoyable to watch. If compared to music, the main characters are the lyrics and the supporting are its rhythm.

Speaking of the music, the OP and ED songs used has more of a significant meaning behind its lyrics. It makes it more appropriate for the series. The tones and rhythm of the OP is glummy while the ED is otherwise though it changes in the latter part with equal terms with the OP. Though the opening piece starts with the word monochrome, the main point of the story contradicts it.

The English hierarchy within is notable. The queen is always to be followed, served and knelt before to. Servants stay as servants. No matter how a family is prosperous they’re still lower than the majesty herself. Ciel, as the queen’s guard dog follows her just because he believes that his family stays as is. The blue-jeweled ring symbolizes his inferiority to the queen and England.

The dialogues are notable as well, definitely. It either speaks about justice, Ciel’s past and sorrows, loyalty and betrayal. I for one, is a fan of Ciel’s lines just because it’s striking, dramatic and sarcastic.

Though labeled as shounen, many fans insists that it is more suitable in the shoujo genre. Why is that? Is it because of the character’s appearances which seems to attract female audience? I believe not. I say that Kuroshitsuji is more of a shounen with a touch of ‘dolly’ features thus it attracts more female viewers. Shoujo fans should look from inside the box before comparing and labeling it as shoujo.

I recommend this series for those who takes the England, noble and mysterious feel interesting. It will be enjoyable for it to watch and read. Assuring your enjoyment is such a small matter, how could I not be able to accomplish that?


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