Kawaii Akuma

kawaiiaku Complex yaoi fans are still yaoi fans. It’s hard to look for heavy drama and psychological storylines that you might just want to have another dish served in your plate. Trust me, it won’t ruin your appetite.

Now clear your plates everyone and let me introduce you Kawaii Akuma.

So we’ve heard that loli-shotas are too adorable and cute. It defines a boy with girly features and giving off pheromones. Naruse Fuuta is one and is developing feelings for the class president, Akiyoshi Tooru.

Don’t get the impression of the common girly uke being pushed down by the masculine seme.

It isn’t what it looks like.

Naruse is, at first, your typical loli-shota infront of everyone in school. Being loved and served by everyone except Akiyoshi. One afternoon, Naruse comes up with Akiyoshi and is asking if he could be his friend, startled by the popular Naruse’s begging, he declines. Little did he know that our cutesy Naruse is actually a demon in disguised!

Plotwise, Kawaii Akuma’s direction was really subjective and overused. A lot of scenes were already shown in a lot of titles. You say it’s cliché, I say it’s interesting.

Madarame Hiro’s art style is the kind of what you can see everyday. It possesses similarities in different manga styles. The only thing that might be distinguishable are the character’s sketchy eyes and lips. It adds up the sexiness in them.

The humor used is a great asset in this volume. The chibi were remarkable and funny. Akiyoshi’s reactions to things totally gave me a belly laugh.

I assure your enjoyment in reading Kawaii Akuma otherwise, let me bring you another dish.


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