ILYSpring, Summer, Fall and Winter are seasons wherein we enjoy different things on different times, different places with different people. Seasons for most of us basically means changes in time. But for Kazushi and Harutomo, these seasons gives them a feeling of love and it is something to give importance of.

Aishiteru is another yaoi manga which got me interested because it didn’t have a girly uke. The cover gives off a harmonious atmosphere. And with that, I started clicking the pages away.

Kazushi is an elite workaholic businessman while his lover, Harutomo is a part time cleaner in the same company, who has a potential in cooking and dreams to become a chef someday. The story concentrates on the development of their feelings and attraction towards each other. There were no serious conflicts, third parties and such. It brings nothing new to the table and is easier to read.

In terms of art, I found nothing special except that the art suits the flow of the story. Nothing more, nothing less. I liked how Fujitani Youko mixed the feel of the seasons in it. It follows the footfalls of the changes of seasons, but again as to what I have said earlier, she focuses on the characters. The seasons just spices up the story itself.

I can’t say that there were huge character developments, the author didn’t dig up the past of any characters or gave big complications in it. It’s more of realizing goals and the desire to love a person just because he is what he is. It also claims that distance makes one’s relationship more stronger.

Aishiteru is just another story that deviates from other mangas that revolves just with lust. It’s right up in my alley and for those who seek a calmness in a read, this is definitely recommendable.


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