Miracle Train ~Oedo-sen e Youkoso~

Being a sucker for animes with bishies, I expected Miracle Train to be one of the best to be anticipated last Fall 2009. Unfortunately, it failed to meet my expectations. The sad part is I had to drop it after watching 5 episodes. I only watched it til its 5th since I thought it’ll have some developments, but again, no.

Oedo-sen e Youkoso or simply Welcome to the Oedo Line focuses on 6 guys who are actually Oedo train stations. They are some sort of a host club, in a train. They help ladies who are troubled and they’re the only ones who can see and get inside the train itself. In every episode they help at least one lady to clear away her worries.

The story and character progress is close to zero. It keeps repeating the same story every episode. A worried girl accidentally gets on the train, then one train station guy being focused in each episode, gets to help the girl, the girl thanks the guy then the train leaves. What can be more worse than that?

Well, enough of the trash. Aside the fact that Miracle Train is boring, there is at least one guy that kept me interested, Roppongi Fumi. Besides having good features and being random, I liked his choice of words in his episode. The other guys were just too dull. They were flat and not to mention, too predictable.

Miracle Train have the potentials to be a good anime. It just lacked development and thrill. The plot of guys helping girls is just so overused that they may want to give spice on it to give the viewers a different feel.


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