Kuroshitsuji 2

Let’s welcome our new master and butler: Trancy Alois and Faustus Claude. Yes, you read it right. NEW. Kuroshitsuji’s season 2 will air on July 2010 and won’t be having Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis as the main cast. It will again take place in England. I was so excited to see season 2 until this news came out. Not that I hated it but I was really disappointed that it almost brought me to tears. Who in the name of god would not want Ciel and Sebby to be in it? Come on people! Think about it! Ciel and Sebby are a perfect tandem!

Moving on, seeing three shots of Alois and Claude made me think that it might actually turn out good. Alois looks like the playful, arrogant and sadistic type. By the way, he is to be called: ‘Your Highness’. Unlike Ciel who was called ‘My Lord’ by Sebastian. As you can see, Alois doesn’t have the pentacle cursed eye. We all know that having a contract with a demon means having a sexy cursed eye nonetheless his grayish-blue eyes still looks cool. I’m looking forward on seeing what he’s like. On the other hand, Claude looks like a mix of Sebastian and William Spears thanks to his glasses. His appearance is so-so. He doesn’t seem appealing to me. Sorry for those who think he does.

The bottom line is, even without Ciel and Sebastian, Kuroshitsuji 2 will still air. Whether we like it or not. I’m not bringing my hopes up unless they announce that our dearest Ciel and Sebby will take part on this too.

Let me sulk again in a corner.

UPDATES : here

Monoshitsuji Trailer: here



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2 responses to “Kuroshitsuji 2

  1. seriously… the magic will be lost…

    i don’t think the two of them are appealing…
    sorry… sebastian wasn’t appealing to me either.. only ciel..

    sebastian seemed to come back… isn’t claude faustus his spitting image???
    come on… that’s so obvius.. you’re blind if yoiu haven’t seen their resemblance (well, except for the seiyuus)…

    also, would anyone challenge me and bet…
    i say, alois is a girl (alois was actually nello’s girlfriend in the “dog of flanders”)
    whou would bet with me and say he’s a guy?

    hahaha… jokes…

    anyway, still i look forward to the s2, they might magically just disguised ciel especially because he might have just lost his memories in the river thames…

    still, with maaya-chan gone, i wonder how princess tutu star will dub alois… she’s know for girl voices, wasnt she? (i mean nana mizuki)

    anyway, please join the battle of batallions of fans in dissapointment…
    my site does, so u can click my name there…

  2. I’m very much leaning more into Ciel than Sebby, but without Sebby, Ciel will be half entertaining.

    Whether Alois is a Ciel in disguise or not, I think Toboso and the producers definitely won’t disappoint us. :)
    I’m in indefinite disappointment but I can’t join any anti-Kuroshitsuji S2. XD

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