Kanjou Spectrum

Every now and then we come across mangas that are simply breathtaking. May it be because of its scenic art or of its impressive storyline or maybe it just captured your curiosity. Many of the shounen ai mangas I have stumbled upon gave me a fresh impression due to its cover. Unfortunately, some failed to captive my interest and leaving me disappointed. There are also titles that were roses beneath the thorns. Making the most out of its small spaces and justifies that a good manga doesn’t have to show an impressive cover and bishounens.

Loving Doushitemo Furetakunai’s style and plot, I searched more about its author and expected to see a lot of works from her, and yes, I saw a few. There were a handful of one shots and series. Randomly picked on what to read first and was in awe after seeing them. Though a lot were good, but only one stood out.

Kanjou Spectrum.

Usually, for a common yaoi fan, a hot sensual scene is something to be anticipated. Which of course, can be one of its forte. But Yoneda Kou doesn’t use this as her work’s strongest points. She focuses more on the depths of her characters and encourages its readers to enjoy a shounen ai read even without a smutty scene.

I didn’t expect less of the storyline, again, it was clean and contemplative regardless of the cliché plot. For a one shot, the content was overflowing. It ended smoothly, leaving it up to the readers what happens next.

Yoneda once again, used her same style of art in this one. Though it may seem to be some sort of uniqueness, the characters weren’t too distinguishable. The delivery of the characters and their emotions were too dull and unstimulating. Which I think needs more improvement. However, she uses more dialogues to ease this up.

Now, for the final remark. This one shot will certainly appease Yoneda Kou fans and those who want more masculine ukes and pensive plots. I’m bringing my hopes up to see more Yoneda style works or something that maybe even better.


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