Ano Kado Wo Magatta Tokoro

Have you ever felt what is like to be alone,hurt and dumped by the person who you think loves you? How about the feeling of pressure whenever someone expects something great from you? If this piqued your interest, read along.

Ano Kado Wo Magatta Tokoro shows you how two people feels like being thrown out and finding each other as a refuge and comfort. Tending each others wounds even without the feeling of love.

This takes you to another heartfelt story of love, or was it lust? In the perspective of someone who didn’t make it through the story he may think the latter since it begins with two men considering themselves as sexual buddies. Which of course, is not all that. The thing is, if you are someone who finds yaoi only as an arousing read, I prefer you not to continue. But otherwise, suit yourselves. This will surely be your cup of tea.

The basic concept is your common ‘falling-for-you-in-the-end’ storyline, with a twist. There were unexpected turning points in which you’ll be definitely find this surreal. It makes you want to read it in one sitting.

The art used was simple for the plot and is so like Kawai Tokou. Pile up a bunch of manga and you can easily point out Tokou’s way of art, making the readers feel what they need to feel in a scene. The emotions weren’t stiff and is definitely flawless. No tracks of those girly ukes and sturdy semes which are common in a yaoi read. This also makes it unique.

For the character development, there isn’t too much of it. Kishimoto gives a feel of someone who wants to strive hard yet doesn’t want to stand out while Kiriya, being a lot more older than Kishimoto, fits his role as an adult well. He doesn’t let his emotions overwhelm him. On the other hand, the minor characters helped a lot in the progress. This makes it intriguing and suits the story. For only one volume, it’s amazing how the story develops in such a pace. It ends satisfying its readers without any cliffhangers and unfinished parts.

In the end, if you’re looking for a lighthearted story, there’s always a manga that suits perfectly which you can find just around the corner.

Ano Kado Wo Magatta Tokoro


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