Doushitemo Furetakunai

Doushitemo Furetakunai is like tobacco to chain smokers. Each and every aspect is addicting. It lures you into something dramatic, realistic and rattling. Making you wanting even more as you flip its pages with your thumb wearing the scent of saliva.

The storyline isn’t as cliché as it may seem to be. Complicated facets makes it stand out from the rest. The sentimentality of the characters involved were brought by bitter memories and heartbreaks. To this point we can see that they have their own ways to emerge out from the nightmares of their past. On how they meet up at a certain crossroad, allowing them to grow and feel that they have yet to meet someone who knows where each is coming from.

Art at its finest. The melodramatic atmosphere brings out the best of it. It was all natural and not even a sight of glittering eyes, exaggerated bishounen looks and sparkling effects all throughout. The maturity of the angles and profiles were simply picturesque. The only thing that I noticed was even the mole on Shima was given focus. It made him more alluring and bewitching. It’s as if someone tries to remove it, it’ll all be a complete mess. The blushes weren’t overdrawn but it did give something a reader wants, something undeniably cute. Their emotions were likely of those men interacting with men and excluding overly malicious thoughts of someone who wants to engage in sex with them. It was all carefully handpicked by the artist herself.

The character progress was at a pace wherein the readers can easily hook up with. Addiction, jealousy, skepticism, hate and love. These were some of the feelings the characters auspiciously portrayed very well. They captured the moment of the psychological aspects of relationships between two men. Whereby everything will be complicated no matter how healthy the relationship is. For instance, emotional instabilities and sociability issues. Making the relationship seem next to impossible for it to continue.

Sex wasn’t defined as a lust thirst quencher but is more of a factor which binds them from nothingness to something significant in terms of romance, something greater to what you call beautiful.

Drama, romance, sex and now we have its humor. It shows those of irony and wisecracks. As to ease up the atmosphere a bit, toning down the emotional parts to elude monochromatism.

Yoneda Kou as a yaoi mangaka, knows what she’s doing. It pushes those predictable plots into the shadows while hers takes the spotlight. Her stories gives the impression of someone who knows every angle of how an average man thinks. The only flaw that I can think of in her works is that the majority of the characters used are on the same wavelength. Though she makes up for it by the rest of the story and leaves no tracks of it. Unique in her own way.

Doushitemo Furetakunai is something to be read by a person who knows what the read is all about. It makes its reread value worthwhile. It probably wouldn’t appeal for those who like smutty genres but for those who want to try a taste of a different cigar, this is definitely what you’re looking for. No need to glance back.


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